The studio where your dreams of tango dancing come to life.

Would you like to try to learn Argentine Tango?
Just as I did, once upon a time in my hometown of Buenos Aires…
Such a gorgeous, passionate and dynamic dance, so full of emotion.
And such an elegant and refined art.
An art that refines not only your posture and appearance, but your style as well.
And this art may well allow you to discover new ways to express your very emotions.
The unique and deep world of tango will surely lure you, who so loves the high-class life, into dreamy new landscapes. By faithfully learning the basics, anyone can acquire this beautiful dance. Why not get lost in this unknown world of tango?

We offer Tango live performances and demonstrations of authentic Argentine Tango at your events. Contact us for details.

Lesson taught by instructors native to the land of tango, Argentina.

Convenient access from nearby Aoyama-itchōme Station

Our studio welcomes beginners




Debut Class

3-month curriculum course aimed at complete beginners to tango.
Not to worry – You’ll begin the class at the same time as all the other students.
Let us start to dance the tango together, aiming towards a debut at the Milonga party. ☆

Group Lesson

Step up to our debut class to level up your moves☆
Not on a reservation basis, so you can join in on any class that fits your convenience◎



Private Lesson

This is a one-on-one lesson planned specially for the participant’s personal level.
Perfect for those who want to receive lessons based entirely on their own personal level, or who want to concentrate on pure improvement.
In addition, choreography lessons with demonstrations, etc. are also available.


This is the Milonga
In Buenos Aires, those places were people can freely engage in the tango or other rhythm dances are called “Milonga.” Located in the stylish streets of Tokyo, the Aoyama-based Argentine Tango Classroom Tango Rex has a Milonga concept focusing on creating a space that brings to life the same traditional style of Milonga found in Beunos Aires


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The weekly Milonga creates an atmosphere of the unexpected, a fascination that can be enjoyed in real life. Best of all, the refined international atmosphere allows for the genuine mood of Buenos Aires to emerge in our classroom. ◎ (With fantastic music and acoustics, our facilities are the perfect space◎)       
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Always discovering something new, You will come to look always forward to the next class◎
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We shall meet with the true, living, Argentine tango. Lessons that are detailed, thorough, and earnest. Spirited, elegant, posed, technical, musical… All aspects of tango will be investigated in depth. (And best of all, the incredible personalities of our teachers: Ricardo, who overflows with passion, and the charming Arisa.)


Ricardo Cerqueiro

Founder of TANGO REX.
His philosophy, way of life, and aesthetic sense have been admired by many.
His soul lives on eternally within TANGO REX.

Ricardo was born and raised in San Telmo in Buenos Aires, making him a genuine Porteño.

Back in the 1940s, a decade called the Golden Age of Tango, the rhythm and accents of tango music and its themes began to change – and Carlos Estevez and Salvador Ciana invented tango dance steps to fit that new tango music.
These two, known by their nicknames “Petroleo” and “Cacho Lavandina,” basically created many of the tango techniques that are still danced to this very day – Hiro, Boleo, and Gancho.

These two men who revolutionized tango had only a single disciple, Domingo Jose Pugliese (popularly known as Mingo) – the man who became Ricardo’s dancing master.
Ricardo spent many years as a disciple of Mingo and his wife, working as their assistant teacher.
Within Ricardo’s tango, we can see the roots planted in that long relationship with one of tango’s great masters.

In addition, Ricardo started acting at the age of 16, entering the Buenos Aires Acting School after he turned 18.
A few years later, Ricardo began his study of song and poetry, and was called upon by the government to enter a poetry contest.
Later, Ricardo worked as a radio personality for five years and was active as a television voice actor for two years.
Ricardo was the only person in the Asian tango world who is active is so many areas beyond tango itself – a true multi-artist.

In addition to his experiences as an active part of the tango communities in Buenos Aires, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New Mexico, Ricardo also taught tango at Buenos Aires University and The University of New Mexico.
Ricardo’s 30-year long career in tango also saw him appear in Sally Potter’s film “The Tango Lesson” and serve as a judge for the Buenos Aires Tango Competition.
In 2001, Ricardo was invited to Japan, and by 2006 he had gone into business for himself, operating and teaching at his Argentine tango studio, Tango Rex.

Ricardo was beloved by many people, having shown the world the depth of his artistic sense and love of tango, but tragically, Ricardo passed away in 2018 after losing his battle with disease.

Tango Instructors




Argentine tango is a dance that can be enjoyed regardless of experience or age!
We have a “tango debut lesson 3-month course” built specifically for those who are complete beginners to Argentine tango, so even if you have no experience with dance please feel free to join us with that course!!

Most people participate without a partner!
Even for people who come with a partner, the style of our group lessons is to switch in order between being partners with all the other students in the class.
Our instructors can also perform both the female and male parts of any dance, so please feel completely comfortable to participate by yourself!

Our students include those in their 20s to those in their 70s, so we have a fairly wide range of students!
As for our gender ratio, this changes depending on the class and day, but generally speaking compared to those dance studies that have more women, its said that we have a comparatively large amount of male students.

For clothing, as long as you’re not wearing a tight or long skirt that restricts motion, the usual clothing you wear on your way back from work is fine!
For those who do not have dance shoes, we ask that men please bring shoes with non-slip leather on the back, and that women bring heel shoes that have a fixed strap, etc. on the ankle.
Also, we do have rental shoes available for your use (although the size and quantity is limited), so feel free to ask us if you’d like to rent shoes!!

Feel free to come in for observation anytime during group lesson hours.
Other than cases where we have received direct permission from the participating student, we do not allow observation of private lessons.
Also, please be aware that we have entrance fees for non-dancers during our weekly Milonga (parties) on Saturdays.

Feel free to come in for observation anytime during group lesson hours.
Other than cases where we have received direct permission from the participating student, we do not allow observation of private lessons.
Also, please be aware that we have entrance fees for non-dancers during our weekly Milonga (parties) on Saturdays.

You can pay any class you’d like for just the class itself, so please join us as fits with your schedule and personal pace!
Even with a monthly schedule, it is possible to transfer a class to a later date – so feel free to consult with us!

While those lessons taught by our Argentine instructors will use English as a base, at most times we have our Japanese instructors to provide interpretation, so no need to worry!
Also, our dance lessons can serve as a way to naturally learn Spanish as well – a unique opportunity if every there was one!!

Our apologies, but we only accept payment in the form of cash.

Feel free to visit us for a studio tour as well!



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